Melamine Manufacturing Department Work Process

Step I
Planning the work to be done

The first task is to plan the work to be done, which means to plan what needs to be done by taking the information of the raw materials available on the store and identifying the raw materials needed to start the work accordingly.

Step II
Row Material
Requesting Raw material

In here it is the same as the process in aluminum section the production Supervisor fills the raw
material requisition form i.e melamine powder, glazing, cartoon and gives the record to the production clerk. Next, the Product head will review and approve the requested materials from the store. We use two main documents in this work process which are the store requisition form and raw material transfer Voucher.

Step III
Weighing the melamine powder

Different manufactured plates or bowls are trays are made. These works all have their own weight, for example, there is a dinner plate called 230 grams, so the first thing to do is measure the weight for the item to be produced by weighting balance.

Step IV
Cleaning the preheating cup

Cleaning the preheating cup: after measuring or weighting the melamine powder cleaning the pre heat cup by zinc sterate and air gun for a releasing purpose. After that put the weighted powder to the cup.

Step V
Trimming and Rolling
Pre heating the powder

Pre heating the powder:- in this stage the weighted powder put under the pre heating machine until the powder make soft takes abot 60-70 seconds

Step VI

Moulding: The melted melamine powder is transferred to the machine and poured to the die. The machine also shapes the
desired product.

Step VII
Shaping and Grinding

 Shaping :- The end of the produced product on the edge of the plate is crushed and loosened.
 Grinding:- This process is where the manufactured products are ground and the edges of the manufactured product are smooth and uniform.

cleaning and packing
cleaning and packing

cleaning and packing:- This work process is where the work of cleaning the surface of the plates and packing the
manufactured products is done.

Step X
Transferring the finished product to the ware house
Transferring the finished product to the ware house

Transferring the finished product to the ware house; packaged products are transferred from the production unit to the
store via (fptv).

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